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קדמא נדל"ן לוגו

What Do We Do?

Kedma is building a number of projects around the country. The company is known for precise planning, high construction standards and personal client attention. Kedma specializes in entrepreneurship and real estate housing, with a number of current projects, including some in urban renewal (TAMA 38) and others within a “Mechir LaMishtaken” (Buyer’s Price) framework.


Kedma Real Estate has made some real breakthroughs in the Israeli real estate market, particularly in terms of high construction standards in every project, including those in Yehuda and Shomron, which can now boast housing with uncompromising and rich technical specifications.

Entrepreneurship and Projects

The gamut of factors an entrepreneur must take into account when assessing a project is largely affected by potential profit and business feasibility.


We believe in professional, quality building.


Our uniqueness at Kedma is our expertise in drilling down to the finest details in your apartment, in being involved in the construction every step of the way,  and having maximum control over the quality of the work and the final price. All of these – and more – allow us a head start over the majority of our competitors.




At Kedma, we are driven by a clear ideology and strategy. We first research every potential project and we only take it on if our clients are likely to benefit from significant added value through the project and the surrounding area.

In the real estate market, the added value is mainly influenced by the project’s surroundings. Here at Kedma, in all of our projects, we promise to uphold the very highest standards you dream about for your new apartment.

"Mechir LaMishtaken" (Buyer's Price)

The Housing Ministry's Flagship Project

Kedma has examined the Buyer’s Price projects in detail, and chosen areas of high demand in which the potential for growth is huge.


The company brings high quality building to the table, as well as innovation – for Buyer’s Price projects too – thus generating significant differentiation from the rest of the market.


Urban Renewal – TAMA 38

A national outline program with the aim of reinforcing residential buildings against natural disasters, including earthquakes.


The TAMA program enables residents to strengthen their buildings and add extensions that can upgrade the value of the building and the individual apartments. In the current climate, in which new building land in the city centers is at a premium, TAMA 38 allows for a totally new building project in central and populated areas.

התחדשות עירונית - תמ"א 38

Kedma approaches these projects with sensitivity and professionalism, which means the buildings’ residents enjoy the benefits of working with a value-oriented company. This becomes evident through our one-on-one service and our building expertise, both of which demand great sensitivity to the people and the surrounding area.


קדמא נדל"ן לוגו

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קדמא נדל"ן לוגו

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