About us

Kedma Real Estate specializes in initiating, managing and building projects and housing complexes all over Israel. The company’s owners have a refreshing and innovative housing philosophy – based on quality and luxury – which places clients and clients’ needs at the helm.


This approach means the company has a deep, value-oriented connection to each project, as well as the great merit of building up the Land of Israel.


Kedma flies the flag of quality, uncompromising construction at the very highest standards. Among our many projects: Rav Levin St. in Ramat Gan, Tel Chai St. in Kfar Saba, Weitzman St. in Ra’anana, Ma’alot David in Jerusalem, Leshem, and many others.


The Entrepreneurs

Revive the Ancient and Live the New 

The company’s owners, David Cohen-Gindi and Gavriel Paz (Gago) Klugman, believe that the company’s values must be based on two solid foundations:

On the one hand, the company is faithful to the “old-fashioned” values, when your word was your word, and promises were kept, because as the famous Mishna says, “Know where you came from and where you are going” (Ethics of the Fathers 3:1).

On the other, the company is committed to progress and improvement. It is a revolutionary company in the industry, applying progressive elements in its building and upholding uncompromising and very high standards.


We accompany our future home owners throughout the process and our clients are serviced by our skilled and professional team, who will make you feel at home from your very first meeting.

קדמא נדל"ן לוגו

The Owners

Gavriel Gluckman

Gavriel (Gago) Klugman, founder and owner, is a businessman and social activist. He immigrated to Israel from Uruguay for ideological reasons, studied in the Ma'alot Hesder Yeshiva and served as a combat officer in the IDF. He has more than 20 years of experience in the diamond industry, which he now leverages for the benefit of real estate.

David Cohen-Gindi

David Cohen-Gindi, founder and owner, is the third generation in a family of contractors. He studied in the Ramat Gan Hesder Yeshiva and later served as its Deputy Director. In 2009, he entered the world of real estate and has now accumulated over a decade of experience in planning, managing and executing a range of housing and group-buy projects. He's a great advocate for managing in the trenches and is committed to stringent working regulations.