Ra’anana eng

Ra’anana – Weitzman Street Building begins in 2020. TAMA 38 – reinforcing a structure in Weitzman Street. An addition of 2.5 floors to 2-4-story train-like buildings. The complex includes 40 residents and will incorporate another 25 new apartments. More about the projects 3-4-room apartments and penthouses in one of the in-demand ‘new-again’ areas in Ra’anana. […]


Rechovot-Construction to start in 2020. A special preservation project in the center of Rechovot, 50m from Herzl Street. A luxury 3-story building housing 12 apartments. Construction to start in 2020. All projects include the following suppliers: Schindler (elevators), Anis (kitchens), Pandor (doors), Rav-Bariach (doors), Charash (sanitary and flooring).