Jerusalem, Ma’alot David eng

Jerusalem, Ma’alot David What we call “Living in the Center of the World”! Next to the Ma’ale Zeitim neighborhood is a complex owned by the City of David’s NGO, Elad, located about 700 meters from the Kotel, the Western Wall. More than 1,000 people live in Ma’ale Zeitim and now, for the first time, they […]

Leshem eng

Leshem – The New Street Leshem:  Kedma’s first project. The project is in a successful yishuv, famous for its young, quality population – a diverse range of young couples from the Dati-Leumi sector.  There are 700 housing units. Our project is an entire neighborhood. more about the project  Kedma’s first project. The project is in a […]

Kfar Saba eng

Kfar Saba – Tel Chai Street TAMA 38 – reinforcing an existing building.   Four 5-room apartments and another 4 penthouses with stunning views.   more about the project: Very central location in Kfar Saba (200m from Weitzman St., 100m from Ulpanat Kfar Saba,) easy exit from the city. Architect: Hugo Rosenfeld Entry: from the […]

Ramat Gan eng

Ramat Gan – HaRav Levin Street TAMA 38 – reinforcing an existing building in conjunction with a value-based group. Four-story building with 16 existing apartments. The project upgrades the building by another 2.5 floors, which represent another 12 apartments added to the building. more about the projets: 4-room, 5-room and penthouses. The project is in […]